Sebaka sa Indasteri sa Xiaojingao, Qiaoxia, Yongjia, Zhejiang, China

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Merero ea papali ea motlakase


Merero ea papali ea motlakase

This area is generally built with all kinds of electric toys for children to play, such as coconut trees, pirate ships, small carousel and ocean ball pool. In this area there is no sense of restriction of small areas, where children can chase and play to their heart's content, and other electric toys can also let children play happily.


Make sure the product are perfect finish without any sharp objects, hard objects and other things that can easily cause harm to children.

Climbing and force pulling on protective net is prohibit.

Safety regular checking list

whether the safety channel and fire channel is open. 

there is no flammable and explosive debris accumulation.

 whether there are fire hazards around, do not place fireplaces, electric heaters and other heating equipment next to the children's play equipment.

whether the electrification equipment wiring is aging, short-circuit potential problems.

Other safety requirements, amusement equipment should be set safety signs in the necessary places and eye-catching position. Safety signs are divided into four types, such as prohibition signs (red), warning signs (yellow), instruction signs (blue), prompt signs (green). 


First of all, must ensure that the equipment itself is clean and tidy, whether there is debris or dust inside and at the bottom of the equipment, if there is, please be removed. 

At cold weather, plastic parts need to be checked for aging and fracture.

Electric equipment should always check whether the lubricant needs to be added or replaced, especially the oil pressure system can directly affect the normal operation of the equipment, and the air pressure system should check whether the air compressor and cylinder inlet and outlet holes are blocked. 

Electric equipment pay attention on the wiring aspect, must insist on doing a weekly circuit check, replace aging parts and wiring, solve the safety hazards. 


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